Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability (CS) programmes have become an integral part of international business across many industries, contributing to the welfare of local communities, as an investor in a strong and diverse Omani economy, OOC is delivering on its promise to support community development with targeted CS programmes. The company is harnessing the power of business to achieve sustainable economic, social and environmental development across the Sultanate.

Building on these principles, OOC puts community welfare at the forefront of its priorities to serve more than business bottom lines. Its CS strategy looks at the bigger picture of running a successful business chain that invests for the future of Oman and partners with public and private sectors to support economic growth and prosperity of the Omani people.

Unlocking Potential for Success :

Over the years, an accumulation of unique experience and expertise in nation building coupled with technical and operational competencies has allowed OOC to take the lead as the preferred strategic partner by communities where it operates. This augurs well with the company’s vision to integrate CS practices in ways that benefit both the society and all Strategic Business Units (SBUs).

The CS programmes aligned with the business model and objectives of OOC are designed to operate within a dynamic networking system with governmental and non-governmental partners. This will increase the human development index and actively contribute to sustainable social and economic development. At the core of the company’s success is unlocking the potential of employees and reflecting that onto the Omani people at large with allocation of up to 3% net profit towards CS initiatives.

Winning Awards for Winning Initiatives

With a proven track record of award-winning achievements on both the business and CS fronts, OOC’s latest accolade was winning the Third Sultan Qaboos Award for Voluntary Work in the corporate category. The win acknowledged the company’s continuous efforts to support CS initiatives that elevate the quality of life in communities across the Sultanate.

The prestigious award was launched to encourage and underscore the role of voluntary work in serving as a de facto partner in Oman’s sustainable social development, while encouraging a spirit of constructive competition in serving the community and boosting a sense of social responsibility on a national level.

Leading CS with a Passion for People

As a responsible corporate citizen, OOC is dedicated to contributing to a robust Omani economy through investing and advancing local communities. Social commitment is a key element of the company’s strategy to develop targeted sustainable programmes to elevate the quality of people’s lives. This is achieved through the responsible conduct of business and voluntary outreach bringing direct and tangible benefits to the communities where the company operates.

Through its subsidiaries, OOC proactively implements CS programmes and initiatives that focus on three main mandates: Training for Employment, Entrepreneurship and SME Support and Capacity Building while concentrating on sports, health, education and the environment.

Training for Employment

Implemented in partnership with the Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL), the programme provides employment opportunities for Omani talent and grooms them with technical and vocational skills to meet the needs of prospective employers. With an array of professionally recognised certifications designed to help the students enter the job market and guarantee a solid career path, participants are paired with mentors at local training institutes and reputable organisations for six months of training. As of December 2013, 150 Omani students successfully completed eight ‘Training for Employment’ programmes.

Enterpreunership and SME Support

Fostering leadership development across Oman, OOC is grounded in the belief that investment in entrepreneurs will help build a promising future. The Company partners with organisations that address education and employability requirements of local talent to thrive and contribute to the national economy. Two main initiatives to support SMEs include the ‘Sharikati’ and ‘Ghaytuh’ programmes.


OOC signed an agreement with Injaz Oman to support the implementation of the ‘Sharikati’ programme in Sultan Qaboos University and Higher College of Technology. 26 OOC employees volunteered over 1,000 community work hours to support Injaz Oman in introducing the students to company setup procedures. The training focused on how to start a company with all associated business activities, and it benifited more than 280 students.


The youth entrepreneurship programme ‘Ghaytuh’ is an initiative developed by OOC in partnership with the National Centre for Career Guidance. It is designed to help school students build their entrepreneurship skills and develop original business ideas. In its pilot year in 2012, 80 school students participated in full-month training in Muscat, while, in 2013, the programme expanded to cover Nizwa and Sohar with over 250 participants including students with special needs. The training consisted of four pillars focusing on general business knowledge, practical training in a number of selected occupations, products and services development, as well as, marketing and sales skills.

Capacity Building

As part of OOC’s commitment to support the development of human capital in Oman, the company invests in training and offering educational opportunities for Omani youth to build the local economy and further improve the workforce. Through dedicated educational workshops, capacity building is a significant addition to the company’s CSR agenda. It develops local consultants that are trained to build sustainable business chains. The capacity building programmes include ‘Qudrat’, My Job My Oath, Outward Bound Oman initiative and Al Wafa Social Centre diplomas.


The youth social responsibility project had participants undergo a course of structured lectures and presentations providing strategic planning, communications and advocacy skills to effectively contribute to the workforce. This programme focuses on building capacity, as well as instilling the values of volunteerism.

My Job My Oath

A one-day awareness workshop conducted in a number of Governorates to build capacity of people who recently joined the private sector and shed light on their role in building the nation. The programme covers topics related to career development, principles of a healthy work environment, increasing work productivity and Omani labour laws. More than 800 Omanis have benefited from the programme over the last two years.

Outward Bound Oman

OOC has been supporting Outward Bound Oman since 2012. The programme is designed to offer students exposure to key professional skills required by employers in Oman, ensuring they are well prepared to meet the needs of the market. Outward Bound Oman acts as a bridge between the world of education and the world of employment.

Special Education Diploma for Al Wafa Social Centre

OOC partnered with the Ministry of Social Development to support 21 special education diploma grants at Sultan Qaboos University. The two-year programme is offered to women working at Al Wafa Social Centre, who work closely with disabled individuals. The programme is currently in progress and is expected to end by September 2014.

Sponsorship Initiatives

CSR sponsorship in OOC is more than handing cash to sponsorship applicants and sponsoring social events. Our sponsorship activities aims to invest a build the community capacity in general and youth in specific . We initiate projects to encourage members of the community, including our staff, to become volunteers and give back to society. In addition, we sponsor projects which spread the culture of reading and encourage art, creativity and innovation. Guidance is also an important part of what we do. As many of the sponsorship applicants are young people with limited experience in event-organizing and project-management, we support them by linking them with business professionals and PR companies and giving them tips on business etiquette and professional networking, as well as time-management and other skills essential to their success.

1.Ernst & Young Student Excellence Award (2013)
Oman Oil Company (OOC) and Ernst & Young contributed in sponsoring Student Excellence Award. The objective was to encourage and award the achievements of Omani students in accounting and finance.
2.Computers for Parents’ Training
In a step to support the local community, OOC has financed this initiative, which was implemented in association with Zahra School for Basic Education. OOC was keen to train mothers in computer skills to achieve a higher level of cooperation between educational institutions and the society.
3.Like a Grain initiative
This initiative was organized by the Like a Grain team consisting of students from Sultan Qaboos University working under the umbrella of Dar Al Atta’a (charity organization). The initiative aims to spread and strengthen the culture of giving back to the community through the team’s volunteer work as well as through implementing projects and events that seek to ensure a secure life for Omani families. The project idea is to create the largest donation box in Oman, placed in Muscat Grand Mall.
4.Supporting 6th Conference of Sustainable Development
OOC worked with Omani Economic Association to contribute in supporting elements of sustainable development, which link development projects being planned with the economic reality of current projects implemented by government and private sectors.