Fraud Alert


This warning is issued by Oman Oil Company S.A.O.C. (“OOC”) to the general public that OOC is aware of phishing websites and/or emails where fraudsters use the name of OOC or the names of its subsidiary companies or its management in order to solicit job applications, contract proposals, investment opportunities, or personal information. The communication may request persons to provide funds or personal information for job applications, investments, invite them to bid for a contract or to engage in any other seemingly related OOC business. Please be aware that these are unauthorized communications or online posts which purport to come from OOC but in fact constitute fraudulent misuse of OOC’s official website.

Any official email communication from OOC will always use the “” domain suffix and OOC’s official website is:

In respect of recruitment opportunities, OOC usually conducts a thorough recruitment process which entails officially soliciting job applications directly through the official OOC website or via recruitment agents, both of whom correspond directly with OOC’s Human Resources Department in respect of scheduling face-to-face interviews and ultimately receiving job offers. During this process, all official communication takes place by means of OOC emails and direct contact telephone numbers are provided. OOC will never ask individuals to pay any recruitment fees. If you receive an unsolicited e-mail inviting you to bid for a contract or offering you a job at OOC or any of its subsidiary companies which is not done in the standard OOC manner described above, this may invariably be a scam and you should exercise caution. In each case, you should take proper steps to confirm that you are dealing with an appropriate representative of OOC or one of its subsidiary companies.

OOC and its subsidiary companies will not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of these unauthorized activities.